James Johnson

Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)®

James Johnson is the owner and inspector of Ground Zero Home Inspection, LLC. An enthusiasm for helping and protecting others is one of life’s most cherished virtues, and from a young age, James realized that his purpose was to help others in every way he could. This realization led him to a long and successful career in law enforcement, where James was able to work closely with his community on a daily basis. When it came time to move on from that line of work, James still wanted to do something that would truly benefit the people around him—and he knew that home inspection was the perfect fit.

Florida Certified Home Inspector Internachi

Answering The Call

Once James became certified as a professional home inspector, he immediately got to work building a company that makes the customer’s satisfaction the top priority. Whenever someone schedules an appointment, James makes it clear that he wants the experience to be as valuable as possible, inviting the prospective homebuyer or seller to the inspection so that they can be a part of the process. By personally showing his customers what a particular home will provide and what it will require, James facilitates a more confident and informed approach to a potential investment. And when the inspection is complete, James makes himself available to answer every question—even if it’s asked over the phone months later.

When he’s not on the job, James enjoys spending quality time with his family, traveling and going on new adventures with them as often as possible. Some of James’s hobbies include swimming, fishing, target shooting, and watching football.


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Ground Zero Home Inspection, LLC believes in providing a professional home inspection service built on integrity and reliability, approaching each job with the goal of protecting and educating our customers. Our services range from just $100 for Insurance Inspections to as low as $325 for a General Home Inspection. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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